Values and consulting principles

Experience, references and know-how are important - no question about it. It is just as important to know who you are dealing with. We have shown our face and our resume. These are our values and principles by which we act.

1. Commitment and reliability

Whether strategy workshop or long-term company development. Our work is about the essential: Your company. Here, owners and managers invest work, thoughts and heart and soul every day for business success. Together with employees and often the family. That is why it is important to us that our customers can rely on us and our promises. True to the motto: One man, one word.

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2. perform - move mountains 

We want to achieve the best for and with our customers. It is not for nothing that we have put the image of the mountain climber in front of our website. Being an entrepreneur means breaking new ground and overcoming resistance. This is what we as Clockwise Consulting also do for our customers. We see ourselves as a strong team that delivers top performance every day for the success of our customers. Whether short distance or summit - we have speed, know-how, team spirit and staying power.

3. Respect for medium-sized companies

90% of all jobs, numerous innovations and daily local commitment are created by German SMEs. Family-owned and owner-managed companies are an essential pillar of our society. We would like to see the performance of entrepreneurs honored more strongly by politics and society. That is why our Managing Director Christian Wewezow volunteers as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation for the Grand Prize of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

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4. Family and business

This is what counts for us personally. Family is the future, support and a good reason to make an effort every day. As is the case for many of our customers, the topics of family and business are closely linked. Managing Director Christian Wewezow comes from an entrepreneurial family in Heidelberg and knows that in every family business there are times when cohesion is the most important thing. This also applies to the Clockwise Consulting team and the cooperation with our customers.

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5. Entrepreneurs at heart, consultants in mind

We see ourselves as entrepreneurs of medium-sized businesses. With the help of our experience in the field of company building, we have co-founded and co-established several companies in cooperation with partners and other medium-sized companies over the past years. We therefore know the problems of medium-sized businesses not only from theory, but above all from our own entrepreneurial practice. In our function as consultants for medium-sized businesses, this helps us to better understand the perspective of our customers and to develop and implement practice-oriented solutions.


6. Promoting young talent

Every top consultant started out small. We are no exception. After more than 10 years of consulting experience we remember well how valuable it was to get a chance in the beginning. The opportunity to gain experience in our own consulting projects in various industries. And the advocacy and support of experienced mentors like our advisory board members. That's why our managing director Michael Noack is a trustee at the student consultancy JenVision, which we support in word and deed. Time and again, we find that both sides benefit from the exchange, and fresh ideas are always welcome.

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7. Social responsibility

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This also applies to our society. If everyone makes their contribution and takes responsibility in their own place, everyone will be better off. We are convinced of this. That's why we support social projects. For example, as part of our membership in the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Heidelberg Lions Club.

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Consulting principles


High consulting standards

Clockwise Consulting only accepts mandates if objective, independent, professional, sound and careful advice can be provided at all times in accordance with existing standards and to the best of our knowledge. What you entrust to us is treated confidentially at all times and remains confidential.


Acting responsibly

Clockwise Consulting consultants speak plainly, act transparently and consistently take responsibility for the consulting process and the quality of the consulting results.


No small print

Clockwise ensures that scope, timelines, costs, services and delivery obligations are clear and aligned. Potential conflicts of interest are identified and resolved in a timely manner.


Honorable businessman

Our actions are based on the principles of the honorable merchant; we do not engage in activities that are harmful to our profession.