"Clockwise Consulting has been advising us as a reliable partner since 2010."

Wachstum im Mittelstand: Die H&E Bohrtechnik

Since 2005, H&E Bohrtechnik GmbH has specialized in controlled horizontal directional drilling. The company is a sought-after partner in civil engineering for undercutting traffic routes, sensitive landscape conservation areas or built-up areas. The growth was successfully accompanied by Clockwise Consulting GmbH.

"Clockwise Consulting has been advising us as a reliable partner since 2010," says Thomas Heidler. He is the managing director of H&E Bohrtechnik GmbH, based in Bollberg in eastern Thuringia. From the center of Germany, his company works nationwide and, with its six horizontal drilling rigs, is a sought-after partner when conventional civil engineering reaches its limits. "The installation technology of the horizontal flush drilling method proves to be extremely environmentally friendly because it causes only selective interventions in the ecology," he says. This allows it to be used in landscape conservation areas. In inner-city areas, too, a number of reasons speak in favor of using the controllable technology: "TT drilling rigs allow longitudinal installations of up to 500 meters, and it is even possible to bore under industrial complexes." River culverts or waterway crossings are also frequently carried out, as are undercrossings of traffic routes such as federal highways, country roads or railroad lines.

The range of applications is correspondingly large: "It extends to all pipe construction measures within the scope of gas, district heating and drinking water supply. We also lay wastewater pressure pipes as well as cable protection pipes for lines for telecommunications and power supply," says Thomas Heidler. Last year alone, his company drilled a distance of around 53 kilometers (53,081 meters) with its six horizontal drilling rigs. Of these, 50,284 meters were for cable protection pipes, 1,931 meters for drinking water pipes, 711 meters for wastewater pipes and 155 meters for gas pipes.

Sustainable growth is not possible without investment
and for that I need well thought-out financing concepts.
-Thomas Heidler, Managing Director H&E Bohrtechnik GmbH

Behind this success is a committed entrepreneur who knows exactly: "Without investments, sustainable growth is not possible and for that I need well thought-out financing concepts." Clockwise Consulting developed the financing concept for the new company building and accompanied its implementation. "Christian Wewezow and his colleagues successfully managed the transformation of my company," says Thomas Heidler.

"On the subject of personnel and organizational development, Benjamin Koch accompanies us to this day. Through the approach of the consultants of Clockwise Consulting, the communication, motivation and ultimately the performance of the employees could be improved." Sustainable investments, research and development as well as the constant further development of his company, that is the basic prerequisite for future success for Thomas Heidler. "The next investment is the acquisition of a mobile drilling fluid recovery system. This will allow me to conserve valuable resources."