"As an entrepreneur, I felt very well looked after and optimally advised at all times."

Cover Wachstum durch Transformation

Kallinich Media GmbH & Co. KG, based in Erfurt, is a good example of how a young growth company has benefited from the transformation process of Clockwise Consulting GmbH. Topics were: Corporate strategy, financing as well as processes and structures.

"When growth processes are initiated or accompanied by Clockwise Consulting, then it works!" is the conclusion of Tobias Kallinich, founder and managing director of Kallinich Media GmbH & Co. KG based at the Dom Palais in Erfurt. His marketing agency is one of the new generation of young growth companies in Thuringia and has launched the start-up and entrepreneurial fair Ignition in Thuringia. In 2012, he commissioned Clockwise Consulting GmbH to develop his company together with him. The task was to accompany him on three central entrepreneurial issues: strategy development, setting up and adapting processes and structures, and the topic of financing.

"As consulting entrepreneurs, Christian Wewezow and his team are not only perfectly able to put themselves in the shoes of entrepreneurs, but also consistently demonstrate relevant solutions," he says today, looking back, and attests: "In their thinking and actions, the consultants have consistently focused on quality and customer satisfaction." This is elementary in such a process, he says. After all, you turn your company upside down in order to then have a broader basis for growth again.

"When growth processes are initiated or accompanied by Clockwise Consulting, it's on!"
-Tobias Kallinich, Founder and Managing Director of Kallinich Media GmbH & Co. KG

Tobias Kallinich has experienced how important it is to find a path for his company and then to stay on course. "I can therefore only recommend to every entrepreneur, whether founder, successor or established, when it comes to transformations in their own company, to bring the competencies in-house." Clockwise Consulting was and is the first choice for Tobias Kallinich: "As an entrepreneur, I have always felt in very good hands and optimally advised."