"The consultation was different and especially the results were convincing."

Transformation with Clockwise Consulting: The Mühlhausen-based mechanical engineering company TH Parkner GmbH underwent a three-stage transformation process with Clockwise Consulting GmbH from Jena. This enabled changes to be initiated that no one would have thought of today.

Everyone comes into contact with the products manufactured with the highly complex components of the Mühlhausen-based mechanical engineering company on a daily basis: they are used in automotive manufacturing, in the almost fully automated production of bricks for the roof and house, or in the production of beverage packaging. The company TH Parkner GmbH, founded in 1991, employs 60 people with its managing director Dipl.-Ing. Christian Salwik. Clockwise Consulting successfully accompanied him and the company through a three-stage transformation process.

"Our first joint project was about work organization and time management," Christian Salwik recalls. "What I'll never forget was our kick-off workshop. I thought, now it's going to be complicated and theoretical." But exactly the opposite was the case, he says: "Christian Wewezow led us through the workshop in such a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere that I almost didn't notice that we were already in the middle of coaching and working hard." Along the way, he said, they also cleaned up his office and sorted documents and processes according to priorities and responsibilities. "His hands-on approach won me over." The results also showed that lasting change was occurring. That's why the transformation process continued.

The second topic was about the vision, the company goals, the self-image and the image of TH Parkner GmbH. The occasion was the handover of the company on January 1, 2012. "My father and company founder, Manfred Salwik, was the head and guiding figure of the company. I first had to sharpen my own management style." In this personal development process as an entrepreneur and successor, he says, the advice from Clockwise Consulting helped him make good progress.

The third transformation process, which Clockwise Consulting has accompanied to date, is the core of all entrepreneurial decisions and the supreme discipline for the consultant: the joint structuring of a company development process and development of a corporate strategy. This process has not yet been completed, but Managing Director Christian Salwik is confident: "It has been very worthwhile, we are on a good path. The completely neutral view from the outside is particularly valuable for our transformation."