"We analyzed, improved and developed processes together."

Philipp Gräfe is the managing director of NTC-24 GmbH & Co. KG in Erfurt. He provides mobility in the trade and medium-sized businesses with commercial vehicles and their conversion. Clockwise Consulting has accompanied him in the development of his company. He appreciates the trustful cooperation.

Since 2003, Philipp Gräfe has been running the company NTC-24 GmbH & Co. KG: "We have specialized in the purchase and sale of used commercial vehicles. These include vans, buses and light trucks up to 7.5 tons. From VW, Mercedes and Ford, we also offer annual commercial vehicles and constantly keep a large selection in our fleet in Erfurt-Southeast." In addition, the company has earned a good reputation and a unique position in the interior design of commercial vehicles. "Our workshop takes care of repairs and maintenance as well as individual interior fittings for commercial vehicles. We are a certified Sortimo installation partner." This expertise is appreciated by tradesmen, dealers' field staff and fitters from industrial companies, as well as municipal operations and energy suppliers. With these two specializations, the company has a unique position in Thuringia and from there it serves customers throughout Europe and worldwide.

For Philipp Gräfe, this unique position is a passion: "It all started in 1995 during a trip to Italy. That's when my father bought his first Bully. We drove it from Genoa to Erfurt. Since then, my love for commercial vehicles and the Bully has never left me." Gräfe, now 34, initially opened his company with his father. Today he employs 10 people.

Customers appreciate the expertise in consulting and conversions, as well as the experience in this market. "We can pass on the know-how we have developed in recent years to our customers, and together with them we also look for new ways to solve their individual vehicle requirements." Clockwise Consulting was allowed to accompany the company's development. "We analyzed, improved and developed processes together," says Philipp Gräfe. "We looked through a great many areas, discussed them together and then implemented them." In the process, the company's unique position and specialization were further refined and the company was repositioned. He describes the collaboration as "very very good." "It was a good and trusting basis with Christian Wewezow and his team right from the start." He particularly appreciates having a confidant at eye level with whom he can discuss the tricky and strategic issues in the area of corporate development, as well as the honest assessments.

When he looks to the future, one point has absolute priority: "Politicians must quickly put an end to Dieselgate so that companies know in which vehicles they can safely invest in the future." With his company as a whole, he sees himself on a good path in this regard together with Clockwise Consulting.


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