"He showed me that there are always different perspectives and courses of action that allow for clarity and build resilience."

For companies, the purchase of a new machine is not only a complicated and lengthy process, but also involves a considerable financial risk. Hardly anyone knows this better than Thomas Wrobel, Managing Director of the The Right Machine GmbH. The engineer worked for many years in Europe as a project manager and employee in the technical sales department of large machine manufacturers. During this time, he noticed that the selection of a suitable machine is time-consuming and costly and often does not result in an optimal decision.

With The Right Machine GmbH, he offers a platform for purchasing machines to make this process shorter, safer and simpler. In addition, he optimizes production lines for medium-sized industrial companies with his production consulting.

When it came to consulting, Thomas Wrobel turned to Clockwise Consulting GmbH:

"As a strategy consultant, Christian Wewezow has helped me to bring lightness and flexibility to the setup and structuring of the company. In addition, he has shown me that there are different perspectives and courses of action that enable clarity and strengthen resilience."

In addition to the expertise in company building, the Heidelberg entrepreneur particularly appreciates the pragmatic approach of the cooperation with Clockwise Consulting. "I felt it was helpful to use the mid-market as a model for developing The Right Machine. Since I'm all about not just scaling as quickly as possible, but building a sustainable business."