"Digitization as an investment against the crisis: What must an ERP system be able to do?"

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Data of all kinds is becoming increasingly valuable for companies. They help to adjust the course of the company and provide a foundation for strategic decisions as well as optimization potential.

ERP systems help companies to draw the right conclusions from their data. But there is a wide range of options, which is why selecting the right ERP system is often both a challenge and a risk.

Our Managing Partner Michael Noack therefore commented in the latest issue of "Mittelstand Kompakt" on the question: what must an ERP system be able to do? The magazine has been published by the global IT company Comarch since 2012 and features articles on business IT as well as interviews with industry experts.

In his statement, Michael Noack pointed out that when integrating complex software products - such as ERP systems - it is essential to conduct a thorough requirements analysis in advance. The needs of the company should be clearly defined, whereby in addition to the essential functional aspects of the ERP system, "soft" factors, such as user-friendliness, flexibility and expansion options, should not be ignored.

Particularly for medium-sized companies, it is important to emphasize that the selection of the ERP system always depends on the size and type of company. Specialized companies and hidden champions usually have industry-specific requirements for ERP systems that require special solutions and are too often not covered by large providers. 

You can find the full article and the entire statement by Michael Noack in the new issue of the magazine „Mittelstand Kompakt“.

Foto: fotolila.com – © mitrija